RPS Healthcare Leader: MPLI Bracing for Increased Litigation

RPS Healthcare Leader: MPLI Bracing for Increased Litigation

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James McNitt, area president of healthcare for wholesale broker Risk Placement Services, discusses the impact of the rise in economic and social inflation on the medical professional liability insurance market.

The landscape of healthcare professional liability insurance is undergoing a transformation, marked by a confluence of factors including rising costs, shifting carrier strategies, and the complex interplay of economic and social inflation. James McNitt, Area President of Healthcare for RPS, sheds light on these critical issues in a recent interview with Insider Engage - watch the full interview above.

In the interview, McNitt highlights the challenge of social inflation, which is driving up severity and leading to 'nuclear verdicts' in numerous states. Even states that were once considered relatively benign are grappling with record-breaking claims and profitability pressure for insurers. McNitt underlines the pressing need to address this ongoing problem.

Economic inflation compounds issues, although it's showing some reprieve compared to the challenges of the previous year, McNitt believes. In the interview, he explains the intricacies of claims made under the policy form, where premiums collected years ago clash with today's dollar value, causing a significant delta and further difficulties for insurance carriers.

While the challenges are undeniable, there is a silver lining. McNitt acknowledges the efforts of robust insurance carriers who are strategically investing in the future. Their focus, he says, is on fortifying defense strategies and ensuring the expertise of defense attorneys who can effectively counter the persuasive tactics of plaintiff attorneys. This proactive approach is integral to safeguarding insurers' interests in cases where bad outcomes are portrayed as the fault of medical providers.

Despite the complex and ever-evolving landscape, McNitt's insights suggest that the industry is not without hope. The dedication of insurance carriers to anticipate future changes and invest in strong defense mechanisms indicates a commitment to preserving profitability and safeguarding against adverse outcomes.

It seems that for today at least, the healthcare professional liability insurance market is navigating through challenging times. The combined impact of social inflation, economic factors, and state-specific trends presents a multi-faceted challenge. However, the industry's determination to adapt, invest, and strategize for the future offers a glimmer of optimism amidst the uncertainty.


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